In this piece of writing, you will get acquainted with four different ways to detect the type of Laptop you are carrying. Moreover, the hardware and tech inside the box will also be revealed.

They are plenty of methods that are helpful in how to find out what kind of laptop do you have. It is better to have a thorough knowledge of your machine as it is quite useful in making a comparison especially if you are buying a new one.

Moreover, nowadays some attractive and enthusiastic games are in the market so it is better to have a complete guideline of what are the specifications that may need. I am presenting some easy and simple steps to you so that I am being enabled to tell what kind of laptop I have.

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Top 4 Ways to Tell what kind of Laptop I have in Windows 10

A Simple Way: Look for The Laptop’s Model Number

The primary mark to find out the machine’s detail about its components and the information regarding any troubleshooting is the Laptop’s Model Number. This number can be located by turning the laptop upside down and you will find it as in the below picture.

Look for The Laptop’s Model Number
  1. A logo with some small writing can be seen on a sticker. This is the product’s serial/model number. In some cases, there is no logo or brand name only a bar code and some alphanumeric characters are there.

One thing to remember that older Laptops may not contain the product serial rather have been torn out or rubbed due to frequent use. In such conditions, you can go through other methods that are equally rewarding. Moreover, not all Laptops have such an option, in some machines the bottom cover or panel has to be removed to uncover the model number. Anyhow it depends on your machine solely.

What to do if you are Unable to Locate the Serial Number Sticker?

There comes such times when the model number cannot be seen on the laptop physically. So in such cases, some built-in ways within Microsoft Windows 10 are also very useful yet easier for the above query.

Below I will tell you the ways how to figure out what kind of laptop I have using windows 10 methodologies.

Method 1: Checking through Windows 10 System Information

How to find out what type of laptop you have, coped up with the steps below;

  1. Click on the start button in the taskbar.
  2. And select the search option.
  3. Alternatively, you can directly reach the search option if already pinned on the taskbar.
  4. Search for “System Information” and select the top link.
  5. A dialog box will be opened to you, under the “System Model” field, the model number of the machine can be seen.

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Checking through Windows 10 System Information

Method 2: Using Windows Power Shell to identify the Model Number

Another method to confirm which laptop I have is to employ the utility known as Windows Power Shell.

  1. Open up the Start Button primary dialog box.
  2. Go for the Search option and search for Power Shell.
  3. Or you can proceed directly if you have pinned the search option of the taskbar.
  4. Be sure to have administrator rights once you are in Power Shell.
  5. You have to insert the below command that will result in the device model number and serial number.

Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem

Using Windows Power Shell to identify the Model Number
  • Moreover, another command is there to check the model and serial number.

Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_bios

Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_bios

In this way by using Power Shell, the serial number along with the model number of your laptop can be checked out.

Method 3: Checking the Model Number via Command Prompt

How to find the type of computer you have? We are presenting another great way to solve the quest. It is also a Windows 10, built-in method and can be applied easily.

  1. Click on the start button.
  2. Next look for Search and Type “Command Prompt” in the search option.
  3. To fetch the model number of the laptop, the following command needs to be entered;

“wmic csproduct get name”

Checking the Model Number via Command Prompt
  • In this way, you can easily find out the model number.
  • There is also another command that helps you to know the model & serial number both,

wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber

wmic csproduct get name, identifyingnumber
  • From above, the model and serial numbers can be confirmed.

The above steps are centered on Microsoft Windows 10; however, the same is beneficial for earlier Windows versions as well.

Method 4: Identification of Model Number through Settings

Being a hub of the overall computing, the control panel settings can be used to locate the device’s model number or helps you in how to know what type of laptop you have.

  1. Firstly, open the Settings with the geared shape icon.
  2. Go to the option called “System” and select “About”
  3. The following information dialog box will appear
Identification of Model Number through Settings
  • From there, you can easily view the device’s fundamental specifications.

Checking Model Number and Specs by using DX Diagnostic Tool

To have some in-depth knowledge of what your device is carrying inside is by making use of another amazing windows built-in utility and that is the Direct X Diagnostic Tool. A more comprehensive analysis of your machine’s components like sound and video cards can be found there. Below are some easily followed steps for your perusal.

  1. Goto Direct X Dialog box by putting “dxdiag” in the search box.
  2. A dialog box will appear from there you can select different subcategories.
  3. The system, Display, and Sound can be easily checked and verified.


We have put forth some simple and easy ways through which you can find out what model laptop do I have. These methods are following Windows 10, and equally working with other versions of windows like 8 and 7. There are some important reasons that you should know the model number of the laptop or any other computer device, like when you want customer support from the manufacturer, online drivers quest, and also when making a sale the client may ask you about the make and model.

If the above methods disappoint you, then you can proceed to call the manufacturer of visiting some laptop repair centers as the people there are experts in BIOS. They can easily locate the model number of the device using BIOS. The settings are quite new to most of the users so we recommend caution not to play with them on your own.