Privacy Policy

Our main motive to provide you the privacy policy is to tell you about the rules and regulations of

This privacy policy contains the different types of rules, information that we collect, how we use it, and many more things.

Read the complete privacy policy and agree to this; if you do not agree with the privacy policy, you don’t have permission to use our website.

What Personal Data We Collect:

When any user leaves any comment on our website, we collect the user’s data with the comment form’s help.

We also collect the IP address and the browser agent string, especially for spam detection.

The other data that we collect is from your contact forms. If you fill the contact form for any purpose, your complete data is saved to provide you the best service according to your request.

Remember one thing we save your data for communication purposes until the request is made.

It is essential to know that we do not use your data for marketing purpose or not share it with other third-party websites.

You don’t have permission to upload pictures to the, but you have the opportunity to download the images from the website.

Cookies Policy:

We always use some tracking technologies like cookies and other technologies; the main motive of using these is to track the users’ activities and save different types of information.

If you don’t know about cookies, don’t worry; we are here for you. Cookies are files that come with data, and this thing includes the unique identifier.

When you use, Google cookies are sent to your browser from our website, and cookies are automatically stored on your laptop or any device you are using.

The other technologies that are used by our website to track your activities and collect information are beacons, scripts, and tags. All these are present to analyze and improve our services.

The best thing is that you can refuse all the cookies with your browser’s help, but if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to use some content of our website.

The cookies that we use on includes the preference cookies and session cookies.

To correctly operate our service, we use the session cookies, and to remember different settings and user preferences, we always use preference cookies.

Submerge Other Website Content:

It might be possible that we include the content of other websites like images, articles, and videos. The content that we insert from another website behaves the same way as other websites.

Privacy Policies Of Third Party Websites: does not responsible for the other websites’ privacy policies.

We already mentioned that it might be possible we use third party websites content and ads.

In this way, we are not responsible, so our recommendation is to check the other website’s privacy policy and then use it.


Google Analytics is a service provided by Google to track the traffic of the website. It might be possible that Google uses the data that they collect, and it is used to track and monitor the use of our website service.

However, all the collected data is shared with the other Google services to personalize ads, like they want to show ads according to the user’s interest.

To know more about the Google privacy policy, you can visit their privacy page.

Sharing Of Your Data:

We already mentioned that we collect data from comment form, Google Analytics to improve our service. But we do not share any personal data with any third-party website or with anyone.

How Long We Keep Your Data:

If you are going to comment on our website, our moderators will save your data all the time because next time, your comment will approve automatically.

We also store the personal information of those users who registered on our website; the data they used in their profile is saved.

But the best thing is every user can see, edit or delete their personal information at any time except username because you don’t have the opportunity to edit your username.

Other than this, website administrators also have the opportunity to see and edit every user’s personal information.

Rights Of Users:

If we talked about the right users when you left comments on our website or you have an account on, then you have the opportunity to request us for your data that we hold.

This data includes each and everything that we collect. If you don’t want us to keep your data, you can also request us to erase all your complete information.

Where We Send Your Collected Data:

It might be possible that comments of each visitor check through the automated spam detection service.

Online Privacy Policy:

If you are using online, then remember one thing that this privacy policy applies, and you have to agree with this privacy policy.

But when you are offline and using our website, then the privacy policy not applies to you.


Our priority is to meet the standards and the users’ requirements then; in this situation, it might be possible that we change our privacy policy.

So it is our recommendation to visit our privacy policy page to know about the changes.

Children’s Information:

The other part of our privacy policy is children’s protection at the time of using our website. We request every parent to observe their children and guide them. does not collect the personal information of children that are under the age of 13. If you agree or think that your child will provide their data, we recommend contacting us.

In this situation, we will try our best to remove their complete information.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or suggestions related to our privacy policy page, you can contact us with the help of email or do this by contacting us page.