The first question that comes to the mind of every people is Asus a good brand?

Because there are too many laptop brands present in the market, most people are perplexed about which brand is suitable for them and which is not reasonable.

In this article, let’s review the ASUS brand; why are ASUS computers good? And why it is called the excellent laptop brand among the other brands.

All the things related to the ASUS brand are given below, so read the complete article to know about does ASUS makes good laptops or not.

After 1989, ASUS is considered one of the biggest names in the electronics industry because of the latest technologies and innovative ideas that operate this multinational company.

However, the ASUS brand’s manufacturing is not limited to laptops; you can also purchase netbooks, notebooks, keyboards, motherboards, graphics cards, and many other things.

This brand is famous for its excellent product quality and affordable prices compared to the other brands.

Their products are very reliable, other than this, the Chromebooks and mini laptops of ASUS are very famous just because of their affordable prices.

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Why Is Asus A Good Laptop Brand?

Yes, you are heard right that ASUS is a good laptop brand, but the main question you want to know why is ASUS a good laptop brand?

So let me explain this, too many people always choose ASUS laptops, and behind this, there are too many reasons like affordability, reliability, and innovative features.

ASUS products are available at a lower price, and their laptops are best for every use like gaming, business, hacking, studying, and many other services.

The most important thing that people like much is its innovative design that attracts too many people to buy the ASUS laptops.

ASUS brand provides too many excellent laptops, which means their laptops are present for every field that offers the latest technology.

Like the other brands, the ASUS laptops are very silent and can do all things that you want to do on a single laptop or computer.

However, let’s look at the different specifications that prove ASUS is a good laptop brand.

ASUS Components

ASUS Components

When buying ASUS laptop, the worth spending thing is their components, ASUS laptops are made for every purpose, and they are very affordable.

ASUS laptops can be used by every professional and also by the students.

Other than this, the quad-core processors can make the ASUS a good brand, and if you have a low budget, then don’t worry, you can quickly get the quad-core laptop at a reasonable price.

However, the laptop’s price depends on the model, and the other factor is the laptop components.

The most common components that you can easily find in the ASUS laptops are:

  • Sonic master audio
  • Screen pad
  • LED displays
  • Nano edge technology
  • SSD
  • Vapor Chamber cooling system
  • Intel’s Skylake processors
  • Eight cell batteries

Design Of ASUS Laptops:

Design Of ASUS Laptops

According to the price range, the ASUS laptops come with an excellent and modern design, most people like the cool design of ASUS laptops like the ROG series and ZenBook.

ASUS always puts great efforts into their laptops to provide the sleek design, minimalistic look, and to make them very lightweight.

Variety Of Product:

The ASUS brand provides a wide variety of products, and in these products, laptops are the thing that completes your every need.

The other question that arises is ASUS a good brand for gaming?

If you are searching for a gaming laptop, we recommend you to buy the ASUS laptops because they are the laptops you need for gaming.

Their laptops come with all the fantastic features that every gamer needs, and the other thing the ASUS brand always surprises you by adding new items.

Because of all these reasons, people always love to buy ASUS laptops and consider them the best brand.

Price Of ASUS Laptops:

The critical thing that considers while buying any laptop is the price. Now let’s talk about the ASUS brand laptop, and you will feel amazing to know that ASUS provides a range of prices that depends on the model.

If you have a low price, you can still easily buy an ASUS laptop according to your needs and cost.

AUSU laptops’ performance doesn’t depend on price because you will get high performance from every laptop.

We have tested too many ASUS laptops and get a fantastic performance from every price range laptop.

ASUS Technical Support:

We have seen both positive and negative reviews related to the ASUS technical support.

Most people say that their technical support is excellent, but most people also say that their support is not good; they always hold you for hours.

Some people also say that you have to fill registration form first, and you will get technical support.

It might be possible that they haven’t found their technical support good in some condition, but when you test their support so, to be honest, all are amazing.

ASUS Laptops Vs HP Laptops?

ASUS Laptops Vs HP Laptops

The other brand that is famous in the laptop market is HP. The question is ASUS laptops vs HP laptops, which are more reliable, robust, and provide the value for money product.

So, HP laptops always offer high performance but a little bit expensive as compared to ASUS laptops.

When you buy a laptop, then first check the complete specification and then decide which one is the perfect option for you.



Do you know that the ASUS brand has won 1976 awards? Yes, it is accurate, and the Zenbook series of ASUS brand has won too many awards.

Not only this, but the ASUS brand also awarded for many other laptops like the ROG series that won too many awards and favorite series of every gamer.

Other than this, the ASUS brand also receives 11 awards because of its innovative design.

Are ASUS laptops best for gaming?

When people are going to buy a gaming laptop, they are bewildered. The ASUS laptops come with attractive displays, powerful hardware, and high-quality build.

ASUS always offers a wide variety of laptops, mostly made for gaming and in my recommendation, if you are a gamer, then go for an ASUS laptop.

Are ASUS laptops best for business?

ASUS laptops are not only best for gaming, but they also made laptops for a business that satisfies you by completing your business needs.

ASUS brand offers a laptop for small, medium, and high business owners, their laptops are durable, rugged, and affordable.


To prove the is ASUS a good brand, we already mentioned too many facts, and it is no doubt that ASUS always gives you a stylish design and high performance.

The best thing about the ASUS brand is you will get the exact thing that you pay for.