If you have come to this article, it is why many of you will ask yourself: how to find laptop screen size? And it is that since the first laptop appeared in the eighties, the concept around these devices has evolved.

They have become the preferred choice of many users due to their ease and portability. That is the main reason we have dedicated several texts explaining some of these systems’ essential factors.

Today we will review one more of them, the size of these devices; we will teach different quick ways that answer the question of how to find laptop screen size in Windows 10 to be clear about this simple information about your device.

What are the Inches of a Laptop?

When we talk about inches in a laptop, we usually refer to its screen panel’s size; the bigger it is, the bigger this panel and the bigger the laptop’s wingspan.

This custom comes from how the panels themselves are measured, and it is a trend that we regularly see on televisions, monitors, and even smartphones.

Screen Sizes That We Can Meet


The actual measurement of an inch is around 2.54 cm, so when we talk about a “15-inch laptop”, we say that the screen of that laptop measures about 38 cm.

These laptop formats (11 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches) have become standardized over time.

For this reason, although at first, the term made mention of the size of the screens, now it is more common for them to mention the size of the device itself from one end of its diagonal to another.

This is the reason why we see 15 ” (inch) laptops with 13.4 ” screens or other similar values.

Size is not resolution:

Another concept that users often confuse regarding inches is its relationship to resolution.

Because the size of one screen is larger than that of another, it does not mean that the larger one has more resolution; there is no proportional relationship between the two concepts.

It is common to see 13” laptops with 4K screens in the Premium ranges.

While the 15” ones, prevalent between the medium and low ranges, have 1024 × 768 resolution screens if the device is already in its infancy. It is important not to confuse these concepts when purchasing new equipment.

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How To Find Laptop Screen Size

At this point, it’s time to talk about the main topic of this simple post: knowing how to find the screen size of a laptop.

As we have already said, the size in inches of our laptop and that of its screen are two different data.

You can apply these tips to check how to find the screen size of a laptop. These are the easy methods to find screen size of a laptop.

Directly measure the size of the laptop

Directly measure the size of the laptop

You know the relationship between centimeters and inches; it is easy to obtain the data simply by measuring the equipment.

Inches are measured across the device’s diagonal, so you have to measure from the bottom corner to the top corner.

Once you have the data, do a simple calculation and voila, there you have the inches of your laptop.

But some people do it wrong because they measure the outline of the bezel as well, but the laptop screen size means the dimension of the displayed Window.

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Check Your Laptop Model

Either online or with the manual in hand; Knowing the model of your computer, you will have it very easy to check how big is my laptop.

It is information that the manufacturer is obliged to provide (the size of the equipment) due to the transportation laws for commercial products.

This second method about how to find screen size of laptop has no loss; with a simple search, you have it ready.

Through an external application

If you just want to know the laptop screen size, there are many external programs and applications (some web and some local) that can check this specification for you.

If you don’t have a way to measure laptop size, or you just don’t know your computer model, they are a useful solution.

Backside Of The Laptop

With the help of the laptop’s backside, you can easily find screen size of laptop. You just have to turn the backside of your laptop, and here you will find a sticker that contains all the information.

However, in many laptops, the screen size is mentioned in numbers like H243HX and which means the screen size of your laptop is 24 inches.

Official Website

The other way to find the laptop screen size is to visit the laptop brand’s official website. Here you have to search your model number, and then you will get the complete specification for your laptop.

In this way, you will get the answer to the question how to find laptop screen size.

Resolution According To The Screen Sizes:

All the screen sizes will depend on the laptop model; now, we will tell you the screen resolution that you will get in the different size models.

10 and 11 inches’ laptop: When you will buy the laptop with the 10 inches’ screen, it must have a 1,280 x 720 pixels’ resolution.

12 and 13 inches’ laptop: In this screen size, the laptop has the 1,920 x 1,080 pixels’ resolution that is best for all types of works.

14 and 15 inches’ laptop: These screen size laptops come with a 1,920 x 1,080 pixels’ resolution and best option for those people who want to spend too many hours in front of the laptop.

16 and 17 inches’ laptop: The laptop with the 16 and 17 inches provides you with 2,560 and 1,440 pixels of resolution.

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Best Laptop Screen Size According To Usage

When we buy a new laptop, we make sure that the laptop meets their needs and requirements like processor, audio, video, and many other things.

But we don’t notice the screen size even we don’t know which screen size is the best option. So all the screen sizes with the users are given below.

For Common User:

If you are a regular user, we recommend buying a laptop with a 10 to 12-inch screen. These laptops are the best option for simple usage like searching for information, browsing, checking emails and using social media platforms.

For Gamers:

Are you want to play games most of the time? If the answer to this question is yes, then the laptop with the 15-inch screen is more than enough for you.

With the help of a 15-inch screen laptop, you can easily enjoy games, movies and series. But if you are a video editor, then you should opt for the 17-inch laptop.

Media Consumer:

If you love to watch movies, web series, TV shows and listen to music, then the laptop with the 15-inch screen is more than enough for you.

The 15-inch laptop provides you with the opportunity to consume multimedia content without any difficulty.

For Designer And Professional:

For those people who want a laptop for designing and for those who need a laptop to do professional work in different fields than for both designer and professional, the laptop with a 17-inch screen is the best option for them.


I hope you understand entirely how to find laptop screen size with the help of the above-given detail. If you have any questions related to this, you can ask us in the comment section.

With all this, we will finish our tutorial on how to find a laptop screen size. So how many inches of the screen your laptop have? Tell us in the comment section we are waiting.