Most laptops get a built-in function to disable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected. Be that as it may, there is no button to disable the laptop keyboard. Notwithstanding, for a valid justification, it’s somewhat harder to know how to disable a laptop keyboard.

A laptop isn’t likely a PC, since it needs fundamental adornments like a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor to operate a personal computer. Be that as it may, for a PC, you have every one of the peripherals in a single bundle. All things considered, if you dropped your laptop coincidentally and now the keyboard isn’t working as expected. You can disable the laptop’s keyboard and attach an external one to return to your work once more! Or then again you can simply replace the whole built-in keyboard which will be very expensive.

Thus, discussing the simpler alternative that you can connect an external one. In such a case, or as a rule, you might want to disable the laptop keyboard to stay away from undesirable or unexpected letter sets composed on your word document. Making a beeline for the topic, which is how to disable a laptop keyboard we’ve covered 4 unique ways from various sources. Thus, that you can pick the best and the simplest one of all.

How to Disable Laptop keyboard When External Plugged in

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How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Temporarily?

On the off chance that you simply need to disable your laptop’s keyboard till your next restart, then, at that point the technique is straightforward. It’s anything but a five-step manual to disable a laptop keyboard for short-term purposes. So, Let’s make a step over to the guide.

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Temporarily?

We should make this clear to give you an appropriate thought on how to disable a laptop keyboard. We’re going to uninstall keyboard drivers which will disable the keyboard until you restart your PC. Since the greater part of the Windows operating systems has a feature to automatically install drivers, so Windows will install default drivers automatically when you restart your PC.

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Let’s head over to the step-by-step guide

To start with, you need to open the Device Manager. Presently there are a ton of approaches to open the device manager, yet the least demanding one is; Right-click on your start button and select Device Manager.

Or on the other hand, you can simply open the Run Dialog Box by pressing and holding the Windows button, then, at that point press the R key and type in, devmgmt.msc

Let’s head over to the step-by-step guide

Since the Device Manager is opened, explore the drop-down menu Keyboard and find the keyboard you need to disable.

explore the drop-down menu Keyboard and find the keyboard you need to disable

Right Click and pick Uninstall, and done! Presently a few dialogues will seem to guarantee if you need to uninstall the driver or not. Simply Accept every one of them, BUT don’t restart your PC. Restarting your PC will enable the laptop keyboard back to its functioning condition.

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Disabling Your Windows Laptop Keyboard

It’s quite easy to disable a Windows laptop keyboard as the process is somewhat direct when compared with a Mac OS. You should simply utilize the Device Manager. You should take note that there are a few laptops that offer an easy route to disable your laptop keyboard, in any case, we would suggest doing it physically as you have more control of the result should an oversight occur.

  • The initial step is to press the Window Key followed by the “R” key to open up the Run.
  • Type in “gpedit.msc” and click the Enter key.
  • Go to the Local Group Policy Editor followed by Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, and in conclusion Device Installation.
  • Once at the Device Installation folder, click on the sub-folder named “Device Installation Restrictions” which ought to be on the left-hand side of the window.
  • You should then open up the file named “Prevent Installation of Devices not described by other policy”.
  • Set this file to “Enable” and Apply the settings.

It’s an ideal opportunity to restart the laptop. When your laptop boots up, the laptop keyboard will be disabled.

Disable Laptop Keyboard With Third-Party Applications

There are many utilizations accessible on the web which will permit you to disable the keyboard on Windows operating system. If you are looking for how to disable your laptop keyboard in windows, these applications will assist you with disable your laptop keyboard with only a couple of clicks. We’ve incorporated those applications which will give you the choice to disable specific keys alongside the trackpad.

Key Freeze

Key Freeze has a decent standing concerning disabling laptop keyboards. A straightforward installation process, and with few ticks, it can disable your keyboard and trackpad meanwhile. The primary downside of this product is that you can’t simply disable one gadget immediately.

With a couple of clicks, it will disable both the gadgets. A decent component that makes it appealing is you can empower the two of them, by squeezing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys while both of the gadgets are disabled.

Key Freeze

Device Manager

There is a great deal of device manager software accessible on CNET, which are the same as the Windows worked in gadget administrator, however, these give a touch greater availability. You don’t need to go through every one of the means above, yet you can disable the laptop keyboard with a couple of clicks by utilizing this software.

Device Manager

How to Disable Keyboard on Mac?

Apple’s MacBook is the best PC out there on the lookout. Yet, on the off chance that you need to clear your MacBook’s keyboard and you need to disable it. There’s a method to disable it as well. It’s anything but a precarious yet basic approach to disable the MacBook keyboard by utilizing simply terminal commands. There is likewise software accessible which will permit you to disable the keyboard on MacBook.

How to Disable Keyboard on Mac?

Using Terminal to Disable MacBook Keyboard

The Terminal resembles CMD in Windows which will allow you to control your macOS climate in a developer mode. You can disable the MacBook keyboard simply by glueing a few commands in your terminal interface. Here we go with the command:


Just put the secret password, when it asks for the secret key and your keyboard will be disabled.

On the off chance that you need to enable the keyboard on your MacBook once more, follow this code.


Wrapping Up

All things considered, there are a ton of choices accessible when you need to disable a laptop keyboard. In any case, for Windows, we discovered the Device Manager one to be the most straightforward and most secure.

If you need to disable forever, you need to go ahead of time setting where a mix-up can crash your PC. We additionally referenced some third-party applications which may not give you every one of the highlights or they can simply disable both of the gadgets. Thus, inside and out, Device Manager is the most ideal approach to disable laptop keyboards.