We spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor, literally most of our life is spent in front of the screen and this causes great harm to our eyes.

A simple solution is to buy a dedicated monitor, are you in the search of a monitor for eye protection. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 10 best monitors for eyes with the complete buying guide.

But before starting this you should know about why eyes hurt from the monitor.

Why Eyes Hurt from the Monitor

Some factors in the operation of monitors cause visual impairment, pain, burning, and gritty eyes. This is a consequence of the following points:

  • Low contrast and excessive brightness;
  • Flicker; Due to the change in color rendition, the color of the picture is distorted, while the eyes strain;
  • Frames are updated at a low rate.
  • Blue artificial light
  • The image quality is poor, at the same time, the user squints, trying to make out the text or picture.
Top Pick
ASUS PB278Q review

1. ASUS PB278Q – The Best Monitor for Eye Strain

Monitor ASUS PB247Q comes with a 27-inch diagonal, and IPS-matrix at heart will delight you with high image quality.

You will be satisfied with the 250 cd / m² brightness and 1000: 1 contrast ratio. This best computer monitor for eyes also provides an effective eye protection technology and matte finish.

However, the device is equipped with two HDMI connectors, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort interfaces, and a standard headphone output and a hub for three USB ports.

ASUS PB247Q, best monitor for eyes, comes with too many hardware features stylish three-sided design.

Other than this, the convenient stand weighs 5.7 kg and measures 53.95×34.97×21.134 cm allows you to adjust the height, tilt and swivel the monitor at right angles.

The best thing about this monitor is it supports the VESA, and it allows wall mounting using VESA 100 x 100 brackets. The device is supplemented with a built-in power supply and a 3W speaker, and it is supplied with a VESA adapter and three cables for full performance.

If you are searching for a monitor for eyes that provides you with excellent color quality and wide viewing angles, it is the best option for you.

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  • The best option for gaming
  • You can easily rotate it into portrait mode.
  • Provides too many connectivity options
  • Price is affordable
  • The contrast ratio is impressive.


  • It lacks a USB hub and also sRGB emulation
ASUS Designo MX279H Full HD Monitor for Eyes

2. ASUS Designo MX279H Full HD Monitor for Eyes

This best monitor for eyes comes from the Asus Company, and according to its name, this monitor is given excellent attention to its design. That’s why it’s impossible to find any flaw in its design.

The Asus MX279H monitor has not only a stylish metal finish of the body panels but also a well-implemented “TraceFree” function, which minimizes the pixel response time to 5ms.

The matte finish prevents glare from the sun and is suitable for those who prefer to work during daylight hours. It reduces eye strain with a 1200: 1 contrast ratio.

The 80M: 1 dynamic contrast ratio of this monitor for the eyes will appeal to gamers and fans to watch high-quality Full HD videos.

The IPS-matrix transmits a picture with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 with a convenient aspect ratio of 16: 9.

The Asus MX279H is equipped with a 27″ diagonal and has built-in 3W x 2 stereo speakers that come with the 5Wx 2 amplifiers.

It is loud enough for your any type of entertainment and also suitable for use not only with standard PCs but also with media players.

This one of the best monitors for your eyes supports HDMI x2, and VGA (D-Sub) video interfaces and the touch control panel responds to touches very quickly.

The menu interface will not cause difficulties for you, so changing the parameters will take you only a couple of minutes. Also, there are several modes available to the user by default.

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  • Comes with the very loudspeakers
  • Sturdy stand
  • Beautiful design
  • Full HD IPS display


  • Lack of USB ports
  • 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate is not best for gamers
Top Rated
ViewSonic VA2855SMH LED Monitor with Enhanced Viewing

3. ViewSonic VA2855SMH LED Monitor

Are you interested in the ViewSonic VA2855smh monitor, ViewSonic manufacturer’s mark? We have collected all the information about this monitor for eyes, which will help you choose.

Viewsonic VA2855Smh is a large and versatile 28 “LCD monitor; it is perfect for both work and entertainment at home.

The excellent viewing angle makes this monitor comfortable. It provides you with widescreen and the maximum resolution of this monitor for eyes is 1920×1080 pixels (at ratio sides).

Other than this, the white light-emitting diode (LED) backlighting and an improved TFT matrix always guarantee good color rendering, image clarity.

Network connection to other digital devices for viewing graphic content from them is carried out using modern interfaces: VGA, HDMI.

The response time to user actions is 7ms, there are built-in speakers for system and user sounds, a jack for standard 3.5 mm headphones is present in this monitor.

If we talk about the eye care monitor’s maximum brightness, then it is 300 cd / m2, and the viewing angles it provides are 176 degrees horizontal and 176 degrees vertical.

The most important thing it provides is Flicker-Free technology for eye protection; just because of this technology, you can easily use this monitor for too many hours.

If you are buying a monitor for gaming, pay attention to the full resolution’s maximum refresh rate. ViewSonic VA2855smh best monitor for eye strain has a frequency of up to 75 Hz.

When working with photos or demanding accurate color reproduction, the color gamut is essential. We also recommend that you calibrate your monitor after purchase NTSC Coverage: 72%.


  • Comes with Flick-Free technology
  • Provides high-quality display
  • Built-in speakers


  • According to users, sometimes it provides a blurry display
Upgrade pick
ViewSonic VX2457 Gaming Monitor with the AMD FreeSync Technology

4. ViewSonic VX2457 Gaming Monitor

The ViewSonic VX2457-MHD is a stylish gaming monitor with a sleek black design; this monitor for eyes comes with a straight screen and adjustable tilt.

The device is equipped with a built-in 21 W power supply and acoustics with 4 W speakers and supplied with video cables, power cord and software CD.

The ViewSonic VX2457-MHD has a 24″ screen with a resolution of up to 1920×1080, provides a 16: 9 ratio and a TN LED-backlit matrix.

The presence of eye protection technology facilitates comfortable work and anti-reflective coating.

These things are present in this monitor because the AMD FreeSync technology enables a smooth frame rate.

This monitor for eye strain 2020 provides high-quality color reproduction, and it is ensured by the brightness of 300 Kb / m2, a contrast ratio of 100: 1, and pixels with a size of 272 microns and a density of 93 PPI. The system is supplemented by three video connectors and a headphone output.


  • Comes with the AMD FreeSync
  • Built-in power supply and speakers
  • 24-inch large screen


  • Poor uniformity
Also Great
Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor

5. Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor

The first monitor to feature G-Sync technology was the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q. So far, this is the only monitor with a refresh rate that can reach 144 Hz; its resolution is 2560X1440 pixels (WQHD), which allows displaying a 3D picture.

The main attraction of ASUS PG278Q one of the best monitors for eyes is the G-Sync function; its implementation solves the problems that all gamers face in 3D games.

G- Sync does not allow frame tearing, which in 3D games on conventional monitors looks like a horizontal shift of a part of the image, and it eliminates short-lived frame dips caused by vertical sync.

Externally, the ASUS PG278Q, 27-inch eye care monitor looks inconspicuous; it successfully combines matte plastic with sharp corners and clear lines.

But the original stand will not allow confusing the device with an office model:

The thickness near the bezel is only 8 mm, which looks even thinner and sleeker against a diagonal background of 27 inches. In the switched-on state, the image is separated from the frame by another 2 mm;

The ASUS eye care monitor is installed on a solid structure, which does not allow the screen to sway or become lax during device operation.

The stand provides the highest degree of freedom; the monitor can be adjusted in height, tilt or pivot, which allows you to put the device in portrait mode.

The model has one DisplayPort video input; neither DVI nor HDMI is used here. Nearby is a USB hub with two USB 3.0 ports.

The unit can be wall-mounted using a VESA-compatible mount located under the cover that secures the stand to the display.

The ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q monitor incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver enhanced image clarity.

I would especially like to say about the M270Q002 V0 TN + Film matrix from AU Optronics, which is implemented in this monitor.


  • Comes with the 3D gaming performance
  • Picture quality is amazing.
  • Premium build quality


  • Doesn’t provide built-in speakers
BenQ GW2765HT Monitors

6. BenQ GW2765HT Monitors

The BenQ GW2765HT best computer screen for eyes has a high-resolution 2560×1440. The IPS matrix provides bright and realistic images.

The large panel measures 27 inches, and the used element illumination reduces power consumption and improves color reproduction.

This best monitor for eyes is equipped with digital interfaces HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, D-Sub. Flicker-free technology provides comfortable work behind the monitor. The visible area of ​​the screen is 598×336 mm.

Other than this, the BenQ GW2765HT monitor allows you to adjust the position of the screen, changing its height and tilt for a specific user.

The screen has a built-in portrait mode, and the pixel response speed is 4ms. The luminescence intensity of the screen is 350 cd / m²; if we talk about the viewing angles, then the horizontal and vertical viewing angle is 178 °.

The vertical frequency of this best computer monitor for poor eyesight is 76 Hz, and the power consumption during operation is 32 W.

The screen covering is matte, and other than this, it comes with a built-in power supply and a speaker system. If we talk about the dynamic contrast of this monitor for eyes then it is 20M: 1.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Comes with excellent brightness
  • Steady leg


  • The speakers are not too loud.
BenQ BL2711U Monitors

7. BenQ BL2711U Monitors

BenQ BL2711U 4 K’s best eye care monitor belongs to the professional class due to its technical characteristics.

A designer or animator will appreciate the outstanding clarity, brightness and color accuracy of their twenty-seven-inch tool.

4K UHD display of this monitor for eyes is just what you need for video and graphics editing.

This monitor model has a unique technology for accurate color reproduction from any angle, and the 100% sRGB technology of this monitor makes the displayed image more vivid and rich.

BenQ BL2711U 4K best monitor for reading has the maximum possible width of the viewing angle that is 178 degrees.

This function is useful for designers and private companies whose owners wish to use the monitor as a stand with interactive advertising.

From any viewing angle, the image will remain clear and high-contrast.

Other than this, the installation of additional Display Pilot software under Windows OS will significantly expand the presented model’s functionality.

With Display Pilot, you can customize the image parameters for the desired applications and set the parameters for auto-rotate the screen and window position.


  • Comes with good contrast and a smooth surface
  • It automatically shut down when you are away from the monitor.
  • An auto-adjust brightness option is available.


  • The refresh rate is 60Hz
Portable Monitor
ASUS MB169C+ Eye Care Portable Monitor

8. ASUS MB169C+ Eye Care Portable Monitor

This best LCD monitor maintains the design of the two previous generations, with a screen size of 15.6 inches, but introduces exciting improvements at the panel level and connective features.

This range has gone from TN panels, with HD resolutions, to 1080p displays with medium quality IPS panels. Now they go a step further and introduce a connector that offers DisplayPort video and power in a single cable.

The screen’s configuration capabilities are also expanded to match ASUS’ most sought-after “standard” models.

This best monitor for eyes has a resolution of 1920×1080 dots with perfect angles and a fairly high color depth, although not within what we could call a professional monitor.

It has dimensions of 8mm thick, 379mm long and 236mm high. It weighs only 800 grams, so it will not be a significant burden if we want to use it on a day-to-day basis.

It comes with a carrying case, which also acts as a support, which protects it perfectly. It has controls on the side like any modern monitor, with an on-screen OSD, just like you would find on your home or office monitor.

This display also features the latest ASUS eye care technology for color equalization and eye care.

Various levels of blue light filters, Flicker-free technology and two of the most striking elements of the ASUS OSD such as the “QuickFit Virtual Scale” technology, which shows us a scale on the screen so that we can square our documents or images at that scale and improve your print quality.

It also supports Game plus technology in two of its forms. It allows us to view a crosshead on the screen or a configurable countdown.

Overall it is perfect for office automation, video and games and will adapt well, without the need for drivers, to whatever operating system we use. Linux, macOS, Windows, ChromeOS.


  • Very light and thin
  • Resolution suitable for your size
  • Driverless single cable connectivity


  • The cover-support is quite improvable.
Best for Gaming
Asus MZ27AQ Designo Monitors

9. Asus MZ27AQ Designo Monitors

Sub Title

The ASUS MZ27AQ, a 27-inch best monitor for eyes, will satisfy the needs of even those engaged in graphics and design.

He has a very bright and juicy picture; colors are reproduced perfectly, even black looks black.

Add to that the excellent sound provided by the two built-in speakers from Harman / Kardon and an external subwoofer, and we have a great monitor for watching movies and playing games.

ASUS MZ27AQ one of the best large monitors is equipped with several technologies to reduce eye fatigue by reducing Flicker and suppressing blue light.

The screen coating is semi-matte, the brightness reaches 350 cd / m² – in any condition, even in a sunny room, the image will be visible.

The parameters are controlled from the joystick located on the rear panel, which is very convenient.

The design of this best monitor for eyes captivates at first glance and the thickness of the monitor at the top is only 17 mm, the bezels are narrow, and the round stand smooths out the straight lines of the display, leading to harmony.


  • The image quality is excellent.
  • Bezels are super thin.
  • Comes with the fantastic audio output


  • Height adjustment options are minimal.
Top Asus Monitor
ASUS VN279Q Monitor

10. ASUS VN279Q Monitor

Sub Title

The ASUS VN279Q is the best product from ASUS that provides you with ultra-narrow bezels that are just 0.8cm.

This monitor’s fantastic design gives special attention to the protection of its users and customers’ eyes, and for this, the manufacturer uses Asus eye care technology.

This monitor provides unique and brilliant colors that give you the nature experience, and because of its thin bezels, it is the best option for multi-screen solutions.

It comes with built-in speakers that are very loud and perfect for any home entertainment. Other than this, you can adjust the height of this monitor and tilt it in any way.

The Wall mount feature is also present in this monitor. It comes with a 27 inches screen, and the aspect ratio is 16:9 and the panel provided by this best monitor for eyes is IPS; the resolution of this monitor is 1920×1080.

It provides you with the best view with the help of its ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees; it means you can watch movies and anything from any corner of the room.

If we talk about the response time of this eye protection computer screen, then it is 5ms, and there are 4 ports available in this monitor: 1 d-sub port, 1 display port, 1 headphone jack, and 1 MHL/HDMI port.


  • Comes with a fantastic display
  • Bezels are very thin.
  • HDMI port
  • Provides wall-mount capability


  • USB ports are not available
Top BenQ Monitor
BenQ GW2280 Eye Care 22 Inch Monitor

11. BenQ GW2280 Eye Care 22 Inch Monitor

The BenQ GW2280 22-inch monitor boasts wide viewing angles vertically and horizontally of 178 degrees. Thus, you can freely enjoy your favorite films in a large company from any corner of the room.

This “best monitor for eyes” comes with a Full HD VA widescreen and the resolution of this monitor is 1920 x 1080.

Other than this, BenQ GW2280 is one of the best monitors for eyes provides you with 250 nits of brightness, so you can easily use this in the sunny room also.

The screen has a matte finish that prevents the constant accumulation of dust and dirt.

Another advantage of the BenQ GW2280 model is the minimum pixel response time of 5ms, eliminating the risk of distortion during image transmission.

A sturdy stand at the base provides additional stability for the monitor on any surface. Eye protection technology will be a pleasant bonus.

The built-in speaker system of this best large monitor eliminates the need to connect additional devices to improve sound quality.


  • Very sophisticated and stylish design
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Eye care protection
  • Comes with the Flicker-free technology


  • Doesn’t provide AMD FreeSync technology
The Best One
BenQ GL2780 Monitor

12. BenQ GL2780 Monitor

The GL2780 gaming monitor is the perfect choice for those who value superb clarity and image quality.

With its high dynamic contrast ratio, HDMI connector, 1ms GtG response time and 75Hz refresh rate, the GL2780 delivers the highest quality game rendering.

This one of the best monitors for eyes comes with too many other features and technologies like Brightness Intelligence, Flickr-Free, Low Blue Light technologies can significantly reduce eye strain and provide a clear and bright image in any lighting level.

Other than this, the monitor is equipped with ePaper and Color Weakness modes.

The perfect combination of TN matrix and LED guarantees truly accurate color reproduction, reproduction of deeper blacks, and maximum image clarity.


  • Comes with the robust build quality
  • Provides excellent image quality
  • Auto brightness option is present.


  • The viewing angles of this monitor are not the best

What to look for when choosing the best monitor for eyes:

When choosing a device that will be safe for eyesight, you need to rely on the following technical characteristics:


The LCD market is represented by three families of matrix panels: TN, IPS and VA. Each type of matrix has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the technology of matrix production is not important for the eyes – other characteristics play a role here;

Viewing Angles:

Discomfort is caused by the position of the monitor relative to the eyes. This could be too much tilt or excessive deviation from the perpendicular.

The human eye can comfortably perceive the picture when the gaze deviates 18-20 ° from the perpendicular. In other words, the edges of the screen should be visible at an angle of 36-40 °.

Screen refresh rate:

An important metric is the pixel response time. The lower it is, the less blurry the picture is. This is very important when playing games. TN matrices show the minimum latency (about 1 ms);


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is caused by the flickering effect of the monitor and is harmful to the eyes. To combat this effect, manufacturers have created the Flicker-Free system.

A fixed frequency control signal adjusts the brightness of the backlight. Monitors equipped with this system produce higher brightness.

Because of this, a combined system is sometimes used – at high brightness, a fixed frequency is set, and at low brightness, pulse width modulation.

Attenuation of blue light:

This filtering is also implemented by manufacturers to reduce eye strain. When there is too much blue or, on the contrary, not enough blue, an additional load is created on the eyes.

This technology filters out the bottom of the visible blue spectrum. To compensate for the lack of blue, the user himself adjusts the filtering level:

Display resolution:

The more pixels there are, the higher the image clarity. After all, the better the clarity of the image, the less energy the eyes spend on recognizing text or images.